Alien Walker Cannabis Strain

Alien Walker otherwise called Ewok is a strain produced from crossbreeding Tahoe Alien and Albert Walker. This indica dominant Hybrid strain won the Seattle High times Cannabis Cup in 2013. It is a quick-growing plant brought to you by Alien Genetics and includes a short vegetative cycle. Nonetheless, it yields enormous buds filled with hairy like frost. Ewok is a blend of Kush, citrus, nuts, hash, and mint. Woks are fluffy and short with red hairs and smell like a blend of Kush and tangerines. Ewok offers very potent mind blogging impacts, and these result from the sharpness of lemon and tangerines. These impacts bring relief from many conditions, including stress, anxiety, chronic pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, and insomnia. Those who use Ewok will be filled with an energetic and calming high that triggers creativity. Ewok also brings a feeling of appetite sedation among users.

Alien Walker Experience

This strain from Alien Genetics is an enchanting yet dominant Hybrid. This strain comprises of up to 23 percent THC, making it suitable for longtime consumers. The relaxation effect of this strain makes it ideal for those with muscle spasms and pain.

This strain also has a 60 percent indica composition, which makes it suitable for night time use. The high from this bud is a bit blurry, and it makes it challenging to do office tasks. Lovers of indica may able to sustain this strain during the day, but novice users may begin to sleep after a couple of tokes.

Attributes of Alien Walker and Ewok Seeds

Cannabis Seeds

The fragrance of this herb is sharp and reliable, transmitting a robust natural lemon smell with traces of pine and a lot of earth. This strain can also provide some spice or acidity to meals.

The bitterness of the tangerine and lemon will be recognizable by cannabis aficionados and is also the wellspring of the psychoactive effects of this strain. The standard breeder will value this current plant’s quick flowering time.

Medical advantages of Alien Walker

The medical cannabis community will value the scope of conditions that can be treated by Ewok. This strain can provide alleviation from muscle spasms and insomnia.

Medical cannabis patients can use this strain as a general pain reliever due to its soothing ability.

Those with mental health problems such as stress and depression can use this strain to gain relief.

Growing Alien Walker seeds

The seeds are ideal for the average cultivator. Due to its short vegetative cycle, these fast-growing seeds can begin producing flowers after 30 days of veg. The THC encrusted yield is good, considering the short duration of its overall growth cycle. The genetics of this strain are powerful to produce up to a quarter-pound of KGB, from a standard 5-gallon pot. Advanced setups lead to higher yields of about 3/4 of a pound for every plant.

Outdoor growers might find it challenging to grow this strain without proper nutrition. However, when carefully handled, it can produce half a pound for every plan, growing upwards of 6 feet tall.

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