Australian Capital Territory votes to legalize cannabis for personal use

Growers can now legally possess and grow marijuana for personal use in Australia’s capital.

The laws, which don’t become active until next year, were passed in the ACT Legislative Assembly on Wednesday evening.

They will permit Canberrans of age 18 and above to carry 50 grams of cannabis and cultivate at least two plants.

Gordon Ramsay who is the ACT attorney general said at the assembly that the time has come to treat drug addiction as a health problem instead of an issue of “good and bad,” which is the reason the laws would be followed by more drug and alcohol services and the establishment of explicit drug courts.

He recognized that carrying and cultivating cannabis would still be illegal in federal law, and the danger of indictment was “not eliminated,” however “practically speaking” the laws would not have any significant bearing.

The ACT shadow attorney general, Jeremy Hanson, addressed the assembly by saying that the Liberal opposition would not favor the bill as it was incorrectly drafted and would prompt various “unreasonable results.”

He said it would urge more individuals to utilize cannabis – which medicinal experts state would prompt high rates of psychosis – and more individuals would be convicted because of drug driving.

Furthermore, since it clashed with commonwealth law would be difficult for police.

“This puts not just people at a high degree of danger, but our police will be out there on the beat working in this complex legal structure,” Hanson said.

An audit of the laws will be conducted over the next couple of years.

Occupants of the bush capital wouldn’t have the option to smoke quickly, with the ACT’s health minister expecting to approve when the law would become effective.

Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson, who presented the private member’s bill, said a defense exists for cannabis use under common law if the utilization is pardoned or advocated by state or territory law.

“Commonwealth law has been establishing with the main understanding that there are contrasts,” Pettersson said.

“I don’t believe it’s especially likely the commonwealth government will attempt to denounce this.”


Legalize Cannabis

The federal attorney general, Christian Porter, stated that the bill was an issue for the ACT, however where commonwealth laws applied they stayed enforceable.

A representative for ACT chief minister Andrew Barr stated that the legislature had counseled with ACT Policing and the Commonwealth Department of Public Prosecutions.

A representative for federal health minister Greg Hunt said any issues with commonwealth law were an issue for the attorney general. The federal government didn’t support the legalization of recreational cannabis.

Revisions made to the first bill expect cannabis to be kept far away from minors and stop adults from utilizing it near children or developing it in community gardens.

Territorial laws have always clashed with federal laws. In 2013, the capital legalized same-sex marriage to have the government repudiate the law after it was challenged by the High court.

In 1995, the Northern Territory legalized voluntary euthanasia just for the federal government to legislate later to prevent the country’s regions from intentionally introducing assisted dying.

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