How to Stop Being High: 8 Ways to Get Back Quicker

We can all appreciate a good high, but like many other things in life, too much of a good thing can be more than we bargained for. There are plenty of reasons to find yourself high beyond your expectations, such as underestimating your weed’s potency, miscalculating when your edibles will kick in, or maybe you’re just a novice that’s unaware of his (or her) limits. If you’re reading this while being too high, then let me stop the rolling panic by telling you that you’ll be fine. Getting too high isn’t a pleasant experience by any stretch of the imagination, but that’s all it will ever be. We’ve all been there, so cut yourself some slack. Just follow one of these 8 tips to make sure you get back to the ground faster and with minimal discomfort!

Raw black pepper can be either chewed or sniffed in order to help bring down your high faster. It’s one of the fastest and oldest tricks in the book.

Stop Being High Method #1: Don’t Panic

There have never been any recorded overdoses of cannabis. It just never happened. No matter how sweaty or freaked-out you may feel at the moment, the first step to bringing that high down to manageable levels is by understanding that you’re only “greening out” and that everything will be fine in the next few minutes or hours. The worst you can expect for tomorrow is a little bit of grogginess.

Stop Being High Method #2: Get Some Sugar in You!

This is probably one of your best weapons against being too high. Eating something sweet can bring people back from going “full green”. It’s a simple and effective solution that keeps your spirits up and your high at manageable levels. Go for something simple and packed with energy, such as fruit or a candy bar. The best part about this method is that 9 times out of 10, you’re already in the mood for something sweet, anyway!

Stop Being High Method #3: Black Pepper to the Rescue

black peppers

This tip comes directly from the legendary Neil Young. If anyone knows a thing or two about being too high, it’s him! Raw black pepper can be either chewed or sniffed in order to help bring down your high faster. It’s one of the fastest and oldest tricks in the book.

Stop Being High Method #4: Drink Water

cold glass of water

Drinking water while being too high can sometimes do real wonders. Not only will this help you manage that cottonmouth, but having a fresh cup of water at your side will keep you focused and alert. In any case, it will help with avoiding headaches if you’re the type to forget to drink water while high. Some people recommend orange juice specifically, but we’ve heard conflicting opinions on which drink is the ultimate high-ender.

Stop Being High Method #5: Get Moving

If you’re too high, it’ll probably be pretty hard to convince you to start doing push-ups. However, you should consider going for a walk if you can manage it. The fresh air and movement will do wonders to make a high much more manageable.

Stop Being High Method #6: Take a Nice, Cold Shower

cold shower

Few things bring you back to reality like cold water. Taking a cold shower is one of the most effective ways to bring that high down. Plus, you’ll be smelling wonderful after it, so it’s a win-win situation.

Stop Being High Method #7: Try Enjoying Yourself


Yes, we know this might sound like bad advice if you feel like you smoked too much weed, but distracting yourself with things you enjoy can be a great way to turn that frown upside down. Besides, you can’t forget how subjective highs can be. Simply changing your mindset might show you that you were only panicking and that everything will be just fine. Music or a movie can be a great idea, but my personal recommendation is to watch something funny. A good comedy is a great way to see the upside of your situation! Video games can be great too, but they might be too demanding for some. Whatever you enjoy in regular life is the best choice here.

Stop Being High Method #8: Don’t Punch Above Your Weight

proactive reactive

This may seem like a smart-ass answer, but it’s always good to have a handle on your tolerance levels. While we understand this isn’t doing you any good if you’ve already gone too far, take this is a lesson to when to stop next time. It’s always pleasant to share cannabis with friends, but be sure not to compete with anyone else’s tolerance levels. If you’re smoking too much, it can get even worse if you’re surrounded by strangers. Our general advice is to take it slow, especially if you’re trying edibles because of how uncontrollable their onset is. If you’re smoking or vaping, feel free to get some fresh air between puffs. It will only make the high better.


We hope that these methods helped you! Remember, you can always try different combinations for quicker results. Consider a walk to a grocery store, buying some candy and coming back to watch something funny – it has all the components of a great high! Do you have any suggestions to share with the community? Be sure to leave your comments below!



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