Moon Rock

Moonrocks are more of a cannabis experiment rather than a specific cannabis strain. Moon Rock, also called “Kurupt’s Moonrock,” is an abominable take on the famous Girl Scout Cookies strain, where the nugs are mixed with hash oil and then dipped into kief. This procedure ignites the impacts of Moon Rock, providing it with a THC composition ranging from 21-26%, which makes it not suitable for novice users. The herb is ideal for experienced users due to its powerful effects. The buds of Moon Rock are thick and have a fat resin coat. They several glittering trichomes and spicy flavors of nuts and earth. Moon Rock cannabis is suitable for those who like smoking in the evening or late afternoon.

Why smoke moonrocks

You can easily guess how the name ‘moonrocks’ came to the origin. When you get a genuine quality, you will get the feeling of being boarded by a spaceship going to the moon. When you take one hit of moon rock, you will instantly be carried away, and the effects are like any marijuana strain.

Users who smoke moonrock have confirmed to feeling a high-terpene taste of kief, which is flawless. Besides, moon rocks produce massive shaped clouds, which will provide a new experience with each hit taken. The high from moonrock is like nothing you have ever experienced. Even the most potent THC cannabis strains offer a little impersonation of what a moon period session can offer. It starts with an elevating cerebral head high, which goes through every part of your body right down to the toes.

After smoking a couple of tokes of moonrock, you’ll be in Jim Morrison territory, getting an endless feeling of space. Most users who smoke moon rocks have confirmed to waking up feeling lost after long hours of smoking.

Moonrock experience

The high of moonrock is felt instantly after taking a toke, hitting you right in your forehead with a cerebral rush that makes your brain into hazy bliss before leaving your body and mind stoned. You’ll become completely loose and euphoric as you quietly slip into a heavy couch-lock and sedation that comes with adequate sleep. The high effects of moonrock are because of its high THC profile, and this makes it suitable for those who have insomnia, loss of appetite, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and cramps. This bud has a special kind of natural nutty hash that has a subtle sweetness to it from the hash oil. The smell is shockingly smooth, with a fiery dank undertone that is accompanied by sweet earth. Moon Rock buds are circular and chunky, covered in glittering kief, and filled with hash oil.

Moon Rock Weed Starin

Moonrock effects

Moon Rock, also called “Kurupt’s Moonrock,” offers a lot of impact to those for smoke it, its advisable for novice users to begin with small amounts before gradually moving to higher quantities due to the powerful effects of this strain. When this strain is dipped into hash oil and rolled with kief, it makes it very useful and increases its THC levels altogether.


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