Rick Simpson Oil

Most people know Rick Simpson as the man who cured his skin cancer with hemp oil, but there’s so much more to him than that. A high-school dropout, he turned his life around in a big way and is now known around the world for his miraculous marijuana oil protocol. If that’s not enough, he has also single-handedly brought down the Canadian government’s plans to build a natural gas pipeline through his neighborhood by organizing the biggest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history. Pretty impressive for a self-taught auto-didact, huh?

The beginning of Rick Simpson oil

Rick Simpson first discovered the healing potential of this plant thanks to his own cancer scare. In 1988, Rick and his long-time girlfriend went in for routine chest X-rays because she was pregnant. When they showed up at the clinic, he expected to hear that she was healthy and the baby was fine but he got devastating news instead: both had cancer and only had months to live. The doctors said it was terminal; there was nothing they could do except put them on painkillers.

This is when Rick decided to do some research of his own..
He discovered that his girlfriend’s cancer was “immaculate,” meaning that it had not spread to any other part of the body. He researched hemp oil and found out that although it had not been proven to cure cancer, it has been used successfully in Germany for decades to treat all sorts of different cancers.

hemp oil and joint

So what is this miracle oil?

Rick patented his very own method for extracting the healing compound from hemp and put it into a liquid form that he could take orally without having to smoke anything. So what is this miracle oil? It’s a cannabinoid called CBD (Cannabidiol). Rick Simpson is a man with many admirable qualities and I’m quite happy to add him to my list of heroes. Unfortunately, a lot of people who get in touch with him get confused or misled into thinking his story is about curing his skin cancer. Sadly, this is one of the many stories that gets heavily censored by mainstream media when it does eventually get mentioned.

Rick Simpson himself has been very clear on this point and made several statements: “I didn’t cure cancer”, “I’m not curing anybody”. You can read these and other articles on his site in their entirety. The short version is this: if you get your CBD from Rick (or anywhere else) you can expect no miracle cures.

woman taking CBD oil

If you want a miracle cure, go see a doctor; it’s that simple. Some people are asking for information about how to treat cancer with CBD oil but the answer is very simple: “CBD has shown some anti-cancer effects, but the evidence is not at all clear and robust enough to say that it is definitely going to help with cancer” (source). This is in stark contrast to killing cancer cells with chemotherapy which we can safely say has a much higher chance of working.

Although the media tends to focus on Rick’s story, he has been fighting for the rights of cannabis users in general and not just for his own self-healing. “The government considers marijuana harmful, yet it’s a miraculous plant that can give us all sorts of benefits” he wrote on his blog. “What do you think is more harmful – smoking a joint every day or using chemotherapy drugs?”

How did he manage to single-handedly bring down the Canadian government? He is still involved in this and has become a symbol for anyone who believes in civil disobedience against unjust laws. “Stop the Gas Pipeline” is a group he created to organize protests against the pipeline project in British Columbia. It was out of this act that he got arrested and has been incarcerated since 2011. The Gas Pipe Line is an evil project that is going to destroy dozens of beautiful mountains, wetlands, rivers and lakes, pollute hundreds of waterways and ultimately poison tons of people.

Rick Simpson also does a lot of lobbying in Washington D.C (he has a friend there who works for Ron Paul). He was invited to introduce Ron Paul at the 2012 Cannabis Bowl , where he spoke on behalf of legalizing marijuana for everyone over 21 years old. His message was to legalize the damn plant! He is also involved in the Marijuana Policy Project , a non-profit organization that advocates for marijuana law reform. He has also been invited to testify about cannabis at a Senate hearing in 2013 and has been invited several times to speak at U.S. Congress and Senate hearings on other issues.

There is no doubt in my mind that Rick Simpson has made a significant contribution to the medical community throughout the world and I am glad for his contribution even though he does not claim any miracle cures for his oil . The good thing about him is that he did it from within an organized protest against tyranny, a personal choice of civil disobedience against injustice.

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