Snoop dog pays a guy $50K a year to roll blunts

If there were a club of VIP cannabis advocates, Snoop Dogg would be a member. What began as a lifestyle turned into an open door for the performer whose original name is Calvin Broadus. Even though Snoop is a West Coast hip hop progenitor, his second profession as cannabis business visionary has been very impressive.

In 2015, Snoop co-founded Casa Verde Capital, an investment firm that spotlights on the “auxiliary” parts of the cannabis space, like tech, transportation, and media. Casa Verde became a milestone company recently after raising more than $45 million in capital. The company concentrated on single investors and small relationships to make money.

Karan Wadhera, Snoop’s assistant at Casa Verde, disclosed to TechCrunch that the company, from the start hard difficulties to raise capital. Nonetheless, Snoop’s validity inside the cannabis industry, in the long run, drove Casa Verde to start making profits. The investment firm has additionally decided to invest in companies with leaders who have run productive firms outside the cannabis business first; however, they don’t confine themselves in that way either.

Rich people have the habit of paying people to do stuff for them. When you are too costly, you become addicted to making people do things for you. It’s not linked to laziness, it’s about time. Time is money, and Snoop Dogg doesn’t have the time to roll his very own blunts any longer. He has a personal blunt roller, who is paid excessively to roll a blunt.


Snoop visited Howard Stern as of late, alongside Seth Rogan, and uncovered that he pays his blunt roller $50,000 a year to chase after him and roll him blunts. He goes with Snoop, goes to caf├ęs with Snoop when Snoop gets free weed, the blunt guy is also rewarded. He fundamentally has no expenses and doesn’t need to buy weed. He gets paid $50K per year to be Snoop’s mate. He’s experiencing the fantasy.

“If you’re extraordinary at something that I need, I will hire you.”

Imagine a scenario where you’re aggressively average regularly, manageable tasks, and not so great at a single job. What does that pay a year Snoop? I believe most people want the answer.

Snoop Dogg truly enjoys his cannabis. To such an extent that the Hip-Hop legend has a professional blunt roller as an employee.

In an interview at The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM, Snoop acknowledged having a personal blunt roller, with actor Seth Rogen energetically co-signing the blunt roller’s abilities.

Snoop pays the person $40K to $50K per year for his services, which involves knowing when Snoop needs a blunt and rolling it at its best.

“That motherf*cker resembles Lurch from the Addams Family. ‘You rang?,'” snickered Snoop.

Rogen acknowledged to seeing snoops blunt roller in real life, and stated that “he recognizes the expression on someone’s face when they are low spirited and if they are low spirited, he gives them a blunt.”

Snoop added, “That motherf*cker’s planning is flawless.

Apart from being paid massively, Snoop dog’s blunt roller also doesn’t pay for expenses while on the road. However, many people are asking if the blunt roller’s salary is tax-deductible.

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