Vapor vs. Smoke

Most people are torn distinguishing between vaping and smoking cannabis. Others need bright pieces of write-ups to familiarize themselves with the merits of each of these, demerits, and what seems to work much more safely.

In this comprehensive guide, we are going to behold nothing lesser of that. Read on.

What is vapor?

When one uses a vaporizer to subject heat to cannabis plant matter below temperatures that can lead to combustion, the result is cannabis vapor.

The vapor gotten is consumable via inhaling in the mouth into the lungs using a vaping product.

What is smoke?

Smoke is the resultant factor after combustion of dried cannabis plant matter occurs. When a fire gets introduced to the dried flowers or buds of the cannabis plant and the user inhales it, the act is referred to as cannabis smoking.

Vapor merits

vaping man
  • Health safety

According to research, a vapor is far much safer than smoke. For example, there are no instances of subjecting the body to toxins like tar that would otherwise be exhibited from cannabis smoke.

  • Maximum control

The consumer has the overall control on the vapor that enters their bloodstream. That is true going by the fact that most vaping products contain temperature control settings.

A little practice goes a long way in determining the vapor temperature that works optimally for any pain point.

  • Privacy

Cannabis vapor is discreet. For instance, it doesn’t produce a lot of odor. That being said, the user doesn’t have to worry a lot as they would when they were to light some smoke.

Vapor typically smells less than smoke.

  • Convenience

Vapor produces a plethora of desired effects. For example, the consumer can feel the different flavors and aromas as the usage of low temperatures doesn’t denature cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Little vapor doses give the user more benefits promptly.

Vapor demerits

  • Expensiveness

Well, purchasing a vaping product to make your vapor and the vaping materials don’t come cheaply.

Secondly, maintaining the vaporizer before hitting the next amount of vapor is expensive. You ought to purchase cleaning pieces of equipment for making the vaporizer function efficiently.

  • Difficult in learning

As a beginner, it’s not always easy to learn how to make perfect vapor. For instance, it may take substantial amounts of time to learn how to use a grinder, adjust the temperature settings, and how to inhale the vapor well.

Smoke merits

  • More effects

As compared to vapor, cannabis smoke gives more intense effects. After taking a THC-rich hit, euphoric and mind-bending impact may take a concise time to get manifested.

  • It’s cheap to induce smoke

If cutting expenses is the driving force to consume cannabis smoke, then purchasing rolling papers, lighting means, and dried cannabis matter are the most primal ingredients required.

Unlike vapor, where you have to have a vaping device, consuming cannabis smoke is cheaper.

Smoke demerits

It depends on the dosage. However, you can expect the high to last for a bit less time than most edibles, but longer than when smoking or vaping.

Vapor vs. Smoke – which is better?

vape vs smoke cannabis

Under most circumstances, medical cannabis enthusiasts advise the users to use marijuana in its vapor form as opposed to smoke.

That’s evident in the way smoke can have a large number of toxic chemicals. However, there are no many pieces of research surrounding the topic.

The choice tends to lie more in the consumer’s taste and preference. You can be sure to go through the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above in the quest to determine what works the best for you.

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