Vaporizing Dry Herb: Why You Should Consider It Now!

Recent years have seen a lot of changes in how cannabis is consumed. The major steps taken towards decriminalization and even legalization have opened up the cannabis market to surge of innovation, and vaporizers are a major part of this new trend. The advantages of vaping have mostly been discussed in regard to tobacco use, but in many cases, they also apply to cannabis. What are the reasons you should consider vaping cannabis? Let’s find out!


Vaporizing Dry Herb Can Benefit Your Lungs


This is probably the biggest reason why vaporizing cannabis is a healthier choice than smoking it. Although it hasn’t been proven that smoking cannabis causes lung cancer like smoking tobacco, many of the same dangers are still present. What you’re smoking is one side of the equation, because there are certain aspects of smoking that remain constant regardless of what it is your smoking. In terms of chemical reactions, the same ones are taking place when you smoke a joint, and that means that you’re getting many of the same harmful carcinogens alongside an unhealthy dose of tar. These harmful compounds cause damage to your lungs through continued irritation that can lead to chronic diseases such as bronchitis.


Vaporizers overcome the disadvantages of smoking by using an entirely different means of releasing the psychoactive ingredients from marijuana. Rather than a high-temperature burning chemical reaction, vaporizers heat cannabis flowers to a lower temperature that’s still sufficient to release vapors filled with the psychoactive cannabinoids found in marijuana. In fact, vaporizing cannabis can remove around 95% of these armful smoking by-products. Furthermore, a peer-reviewed study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology has suggested that vaporizing is a more effective way of releasing anti-inflammatory terpenes found in Cannabis (These terpenes also protect the lungs from over-irritation, making it an even better alternative to smoking.

Vaporizing Dry Herb Helps You Stay Private

Sometimes, you don’t want others to be aware of the fact that you’re consuming marijuana. There are a lot of scenarios where you want to remain private about your use, such as when in public or near less open-minded family and friends. Generally speaking, vaporizers let you consume marijuana without making too much of a scene. This is because vaporizers don’t create a large plume of smoke, emit less of the signature cannabis smell and are usually used with a discrete push of a button.

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Vaporizing Dry Herbs Lets You Enjoy More Flavor

dry herb

With time, you’ll become aware of the many scents and flavors produced by marijuana. Unlike smoking, vaporizing cannabis preserves more of these special aromas. This is a major advantage because the aromas in cannabis are produced by compounds called terpenes, and they have been scientifically shown to increase the therapeutic properties of cannabis.

Vaporizing Dry Herb Can Save You Major $$$

At first glance, you might think that vaporizing marijuana is a costly choice, especially because of the relatively high entry point for vaporizer pricing, but you’d be mistaken. Barring the initial investment in a vaporizer, which usually starts at around $30-45, vaporizing marijuana can deliver major long-term savings. If you’re getting high, you might as well be frugal about it.

There’s scientific research to back these claims, too. A 2004 study published in the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics has shown that when cannabis is consumed through smoking a joint, around 25% of THC was converted into its psychoactive form. At the same time, vaporizers were able to convert 46% of the THC into its psychoactive form. This is almost double the high without the disadvantages of smoking! Another scientific study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs has found that patients treated with medicinal marijuana prefer vaporizers over other means of consuming cannabis. Vaporizing was ranked as the most efficient method of consuming cannabis when compared to smoking, eating edibles or blanching (tea).

Vaporizing Dry Herb Helps You Smell Better

There’s no way around it. Smoking anything will leave a certain smell in your clothes, drapes, and couch. In fact, anything made out of fabric will retain that smoky aroma. If you ask non-smokers, you’ll find that they can smell the smoke and have a dislike for it. Ex-smokers are even more sensitive to it. In short, if you want to smell better in the eyes of most of the population, it might be better to avoid smoking marijuana and vaporizing it instead.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of good reasons to stop smoking and start vaporizing your cannabis. You’ll be treating your lungs with more care, keeping yourself discrete, enjoy more flavors, save money and even smell better, all with one simple choice!

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