What Is a Tincture? Every Question You Forgot You Wanted to Ask!

People are finding new and refreshing ways to make full use of our favorite plant, but few are as great or popular as cannabis tinctures. What are they, how are they prepared, and what’s the best way to enjoy them? Get your answers below!

The most common names are the Green Dragon and Golden Dragon, which may sound needlessly intimidating.

What is a Cannabis Tincture?

As it turns out, tinctures were actually one of the common ways to consume cannabis before U.S. prohibition was introduced in the 1930s. Essentially, cannabis tinctures are extracts prepared with alcohol. Non-smoking recreational or medical marijuana users may find tinctures especially appealing because they don’t require any smoking.

Do tinctures have different names?

Yes. Like many other aspects of cannabis use and culture, tinctures gained more than a few nicknames around the community. The most common names are the Green Dragon and Golden Dragon, which may sound needlessly intimidating. As we’ve already mentioned, tinctures are great for non-smokers or users who are only getting started with marijuana.

green dragon

How to Use Cannabis Tinctures?

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Tinctures usually come in small bottles with a drip (titration) cap on the top.
Most of these bottles release 1 ml drops. The rich arterial blood-flow directly beneath your tongue will quickly absorb the goods and disperse it throughout your body for a wonderful effect.
Simply drip the desired amount under your tongue you’re ready to set sail.

How Much Tincture Should I Use?

Not every dab was created equally. Some have more THC, some have less. That’s exactly why it’s good to know the potency of your dab beforehand. If you don’t know how potent your dab is, start small and increase the dose accordingly. In this case, “small” means the size of a small crumb. It might not sound like a lot, but dabs are significantly more potent than regular buds. Dabbing can get more intensive than other forms of consuming cannabis, so be sure not to punch above your weight. Remember to take a few minutes before increasing the dose in order to stay in your comfort zone.

How Fast Does the Tincture High Kick In?

Tinctures start working quicker than most edibles. Expect to start feeling its effects about 15 to 45 minutes after the first drop hitting the underside of your tongue. For most people, the peak intensity will be felt around 90 minutes after starting.

How Long Will the Tincture’s Effects Last?

It depends on the dosage. However, you can expect the high to last for a bit less time than most edibles, but longer than when smoking or vaping.


How Long Can Cannabis Tinctures Last?

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With proper care and precaution, cannabis tinctures will easily last for several years, at the very least.
Tinctures should be stored in a cold, dark place to ensure their potency remains at its peak.
This is one of the most convenient aspects of cannabis tinctures, mostly because they are so powerful. This gives you the option of enjoying a single batch of tincture for years and years.

Can Tinctures Be Used With Food?

Yes. Tinctures add a refreshing kick to juices, salads, soups, creamy gravies, and even ice cream. Tinctures blend very well with Asian foods, in case your inner chef is ready to explore unique flavors.

Can I Prepare a Tincture Myself? How Is It Done?

Yes, it’s a fairly simple process and is an exceptionally fun do-it-yourself project. The simplest way to prepare a cannabis tincture with only alcohol, a strainer, a jar and of course, some high-potency herb. To make what most people call the “Green Dragon”, follow these steps:

empty jar
  • First, you need to change the THC in your buds into their psychoactive form in a process called decarboxylation. We won’t get into all the details, but this process happens naturally when you smoke or vape as a result of the heat applied to the flower. With tinctures, however, this must be done in advance otherwise they lose their potency. Begin by grinding your buds and then placing them in the oven for 30-50 minutes at 225-235 degrees F (or about 105-110 degrees C).
  • Place the decarboxylated buds in a jar.
  • Add high-proof alcohol.
  • Seal the jar.
  • Shake once a day for several weeks.
  • Enjoy!

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