Where Vaping Is Banned

Although the recent debate over vaping is far from settled, more than a few states are taking steps to limit the availability of vaping products.

The most recent state to raise the flag is Washington, with governor Jay Inslee announcing last Friday that Washington will seek to limit the distribution of vaping products. Pending approval on October 9th by the state Department of Health, the new regulation of outright ban all flavored vaping products. Inslee stated that “Vapor products are often mixed with other things… It is the Wild West”, reflecting the widespread concern over the lack of regulation in the vaping market.

Current State of Affairs

As of September 27, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) reported a total of 805 lung injuries in 46 states that have resulted from vaping. 12 deaths have been recorded in total. According to Federal authorities, the investigation is currently pointing toward the use of vaping products that contain THC. In a recent survey of those hurt by this lung injury, it has been found that 77% of responders used a THC vaping product in the month before being hospitalized, with 36% using these products exclusively. It’s important to note that nearly all deaths occurred in states that do not have legal cannabis options for adults.

Which States Have Banned Vaping


State-level bans have not been implemented, but San Francisco recently prohibited the sale of e-cigarettes within city limits. Recent reports are also indicating that a similar ban in Los Angeles county may be on the horizon.


According to Democratic rep. Krista Griffith, the state’s lawmakers are currently in the process of adding the final touches on a bill that would seek to ban flavored vape products as well as ban related advertising. According to a spokesperson for Governor John Carney, the governor will likely support the effort.


Republican rep. Grant Wehrli recently filed a bill titled “the flavored tobacco ban act”. The bill will likely pass in next year’s legislative session. It’s important to note that the ban would extend to flavored tobacco products as well as vaping products.


Massachusetts saw the outright ban of all vaping products and devices on September 24. The ban will last 4 months and allow state officials some time to find out the exact cause of these lung injuries. We’ll update you once the ban lifts on January 25.


Michigan was the first state to ban flavored vaping products as part of an emergency ban set to expire on March 2020. State lawmakers are currently drafting a permanent bill likely to be passed next year.

New Jersey

New Jersey will vote on two bills by Democratic Senators Shirley Turner and Joe Vitale during next year’s legislative session. If passed, the bills would ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes.

New York

New York issued a statewide ban of most flavored vaping products on September 17 that would last 3 months. We’ve still yet to hear more news on NY’s legislative efforts.

Rhode Island

Governor Gina Raimondo signed an executive order banning the sale of flavored vaporizes scheduled to go into effect on October 2. The executive order will last for 4 months, during which we’ll likely find out more about where the state is heading.


Washington is the latest state to join this list. Governor Jay Inslee will seek to limit the distribution of flavored vaping products, pending approval on October 9th by the state Department of Health.

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