Why is Gelato Strain So Expensive?

If you scavenge through the web in the quest to read strain reviews, you are undoubtedly aware that the gelato strain is pricier than most other cannabis strains out there.
Its parental figures are Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbert.
Why is that the case? What does it have in particular that it outdoes most other strains out there? Read on.

Its THC levels range anywhere between 20% and 25%. Essentially, consumers can get their most preferred recreational effects like creativity and overall happiness.

1. Rarity

As a rule of the thumb, when a specific commodity is rare to find, its price is undoubtedly high. Finding the gelato strain is an occasional talk across most cannabis dispensaries worldwide.

In fact, it is such hard to find the strain’s seeds that the best way to cultivate it is via getting its trimmings.

2. A myriad of therapeutic and recreational merits

The effects obtained after taking derivatives of specific strains play a crucial role in determining its price. When the same gets replicated to the gelato strain, two things are for sure – the consumer receives supreme mental and physical medicinal effects.

Let’s take a glance on its mental medicinal properties…taking this cannabis strain during the night guarantees mental relaxation. Many users on the internet agree unanimously that the gelato strain is a profound solution against anxiety and depression.

Conversely, physical level sufferers enjoy alleviated muscle seizures, pertinent pain, and many other physical pain points.

All these can be attributed to the strain’s Cannabidiol and THC potency.  

Its THC levels range anywhere between 20% and 25%. Essentially, consumers can get their most preferred recreational effects like creativity and overall happiness.

3. Stood out entourage effect

The entourage effect majorly refers to the ability cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids of a particular cannabis derivative to work together.

The gelato strain offers nothing lesser of such a bond. For instance, the gelato strain produces a mix of citrus fruits and berries immediately after taking any of its derivatives.

Additionally, the user tends to enjoy the primal cannabinoids like CBD, THC, CBN, and CBG wholly with the previously mentioned tastes.

That way, the user can get their best effects, tastes, and aromas from a single strain. The fact that not most strains out there that can guarantee the same makes it get priced expensively.

4. Strength

Gelato is a muscular strain. By this, we don’t mean that it’s not easily breakable. We are referring to its potency levels.

As mentioned above, its THC levels range between 20% and 25%. Under most circumstances, 25% is the most optimum percentage.

Its strength is explainable in the way it gives blossoming euphoria and overall physical relaxation.

5. Legal weed is expensive

Wherever the usage of either recreational or medical marijuana is legal, one thing is sure – the taxation rates are high.

Now that the gelato strain is usable for both recreational and medicinal purposes, the same gets replicated across the different states that allow its usage.

From an economic point of view, imposing hefty taxes on products ends up raising its prices. That being said, the end derivatives made from this strain reach the consumer, inclusively with the taxation imposed.

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